What Mobile Banking Can Do For You . . .

Everyone is busy these days! When you are on the go, Central Bank can still give you the banking tools you need. Central Bank's Mobile Banking offers three new ways to access your accounts:

Text Banking*

  • See account and Bank information by Texting to 31727
    • View Balance information by texting "BAL"
    • See transaction history by texting "HIST " + texting account nickname
    • Find an ATM by texting "ATM " + street or zip code
    • Locate a branch by texting "BRANCH" + street or zip code
  • Setup alerts through Online Banking to be delivered to your phone (e.g. low balance)
  • Available with almost all cell phones*

Mobile Web*

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills (available with Bill Pay service)
  • Find ATM and branch locations
  • Compatible with most industry leading smart-phones

Mobile App*

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills (available with Bill Pay service)
  • Find ATM and branch locations by using current location
  • Highest level of security
  • Compatible with most industry leading smart-phones
How to Get Started . . .

If you believe Central Bank's Mobile Banking is right for you, please make sure you meet the minimum requirement for enrollment. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, please contact a Personal Banker or your Service Provider for assistance.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Enrollment in Online Banking
  • Enrollment in E-Statements
  • Shazam® Chek Card
  • Cellular service provider with Premium Text services*


  • Contact Central Bank in person, via phone or through the secure email within Online Banking and let us know you would like to be enrolled.
  • Once you have been enrolled we will notify you by phone call or email. Sign into Online Banking, once signed in you will be prompted with the following message (Congratulations on signing up for Central Bank Mobility!} If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, please click the "Enroll Now" button. The next screen will allow you to select the services you would like to use: Mobile Text, Mobile Web and/or Mobile App.

Step by Step Process

  • Click the Enroll Now button.
  • If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click the "I accept" box and then "Continue"
  • Select the services you would like to activate, If you want the downloadable App type in your phone number and click the send button. You will then receive a text message on that phone with a link to download the App. If you are intrested in the other services, such as the mobile browser banking, or text banking select those services by clicking on the checkbox next to them and click continue.
  • Choose your time zone, the accounts you would like to access and a nickname for each account chosen
  • Enter the phone number of the cell phone you would like to register
  • You should receive an activation code on your phone through a text message
  • Enter the activation code on the Online Banking website
  • You should receive an "Activation Successful" confirmation page
  • After activation, you should receive an additional text message for each service you chose to enroll. These messages will have additional information on how to access (or install) the service(s).

Questions and Answers . . .

Question: Is Mobile Banking safe?

Central Bank takes security very seriously. Our Mobile Banking service uses a layered security framework including: secure communications with 2048 bit encryption (or higher); complex passwords; dual authentication through pass phrase and image recognition; masked account numbers; and the service will only function on a phone that is registered. You can help us keep Mobile Banking secure by:

  • Using an automatic screen lock on your cell phone
  • Installing anti-virus and/or anti-malware software on your phone
  • Not using Mobile Banking while driving
  • Refraining from entering your Mobile Banking password in a public place where someone can see what you are typing
  • Never storing passwords (or other secure information) on your phone
  • Unregistering a phone that has been lost or stolen
  • Installing all security updates to your phone suggested by your carrier
  • Setting up a remote wipe feature on your smart phone
  • More mobile phone security tips . . .
Question: During the registration process, I did not receive a text message. What should I do?
Answer: Not all cell phone networks support Premium Texting services. Please see the list of approved carriers below. If your phone and carrier are listed, please repeat the activation process on the Online Banking website.
Question: What should I do if I get locked out of Mobile Banking?
Answer: If your password is entered incorretly three times, you will be locked out of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. You will need to contact the Bank to have your account unlocked.
Question: Can I setup more than one cell phone number with Mobile Banking?
Answer: Yes! Once you have your first phone setup, return to the "Mobile Banking Setup" in Online Banking, click the "Manage Devices", and choose "Add New Phone".
Question: Does Central Bank's Mobile Banking work on tablets?
Answer: We apologize, but Mobile Banking is designed only to work on cell phones. The list of approved carriers and devices can be found in the section below.
Question: I cannot see some of my accounts on Mobile Banking, how can I add them?
Answer: You can only see the accounts which you have selected during the enrollment process. If there are other accounts you would like to add, please return to the Online Banking website, and go to "Services", "Mobile Banking Setup", "Manage Devices", and click the "My Accounts" tab.
Question: How can I add a new Payee in Bill Pay?
Answer: As a security feature, new Payees in Bill Pay can only be added through the standard Online Banking website. You can add or change payments to existing Payees through Mobile Banking, but you cannot add a new Payee.
Question: If I have Mobile Banking setup on my phone, and it is lost or stolen, what should I do?
Answer: You should unregister your phone from Mobile Banking. You can do this by logging on to the Online Banking website, then going to "Services", "Mobile Banking Setup", "Manage Devices", and on the "My Phones" tab select "Stop using this phone for Mobile Banking". You can also contact Central Bank to unregister your phone.
Question: Will I be charged for using Mobile Banking?
Answer: Although Central Bank does not charge for Mobile Banking, standard text messaging and data plan fees from your cell phone provider may apply, please consult your carrier before use.
Question: When installing and opening the Downloadable Mobile App it asks me for an App Code. What is this code?
Answer: If the App asks for an App Code, Central Bank's App code is GoMobile1010. This is code is case sensitive.



Carrier and Phone Compatibility

Supported Cellular Networks

Central Bank's Mobile Banking supports Tier 1 carriers in the US, including:

  • AT&T ®
  • Verizon ®
  • Sprint ®
  • T-Mobile ®
  • U.S. Cellular ®

Support for non-Tier 1 carriers depends on contractual agreements between the SMS provider and the individual carrier.

Supported Cell Phone Operating Systems

Phones outside the following guidelines are not selected for testing and may not work properly with the Mobile Web or Mobile App. (complete list)

  • Android ® v2.1 and greater (only operating systems installed by the manufacturer/carrier are supported)
  • Blackberry ® 4.2 and greater for non-touch screen and 4.7 and greater for touch screen
  • Apple ® iOS 3.0 and greater

All Android ® , iOS ® and BlackBerry ® phones listed are supported for the downloadable application and mobile browser access channels. The Blackberry® application does not support a Wi-Fi only connection; therefore, a mobile data connection is required.

Only default browsers installed on phones are supported. User installed browsers are not supported.

Only the native Blackberry® browser is supported. The Blackberry® browser is employed during the download process. The end user will either need to have it set as the default browser or cut and paste the download link into the Blackberry® browser.

Phones with screen sizes larger than 4.5" or resolutions higher than 480 x 800 WVGA are not supported. Therefore, tablet form factors for all platforms (iOS ® , Android ® , Blackberry ® ) are not supported.



*A cell phone with Premium Texting capabilities from an approved carrier network is required for Text Banking. A data plan from an approved carrier network is required for Mobile Web and/or the Mobile App. Only certified devices will function properly with the Mobile App. Although Central Bank does not charge for Mobile Banking, standard text messaging and data plan fees from your cell phone provider may apply, please consult your carrier before use.

**Enrollment in Online Banking, E-Statements and Shazam® Chek Card is required. Cancellation of any or all required services will result in removal from the Mobile Banking.

***Services available through Mobile Banking may vary depending on Online Banking services to which the customer is enrolled.



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