Save time and money by electronically capturing and processing your check deposits. If you are a business that is looking to reduce courier cost, reduce trips to the bank, or just allow funds to be available sooner, E-Deposit may be the service you have been looking for.


Internet Banking with
Cash Management

If you are a business or organization who needs more control than our standard Internet Banking services can provide, please contact us about our Cash Management services. We can help you with processing electronic ACH files, money ordering tools and greater user account control.

General Information
Online Banking is a service offered to all Central Bank customers at no charge1. This service allows customers to perform many activities including: viewing account history, transferring funds between associated accounts, viewing check images, ordering savings bonds, viewing statements, setting e-mail alerts, changing contact information and downloading account history files. Online Banking is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.
How to Get Started

If you are interested in signing up for Online Banking, simply fill out the enrollment form found at the link below. We will process the form and mail you a password within 3-5 business days. Once you receive the password, return to our Internet Banking website and follow the directions found in the enrollment letter. The first time you sign on, you will be required to change the password.

Personal Enrollment

Commercial Enrollment

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Any customer of Central Bank can sign up for Online Banking and Central Bank provides this great service at no charge1.

Once signed up, all that is needed is a personal computer with Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) or Firefox 3 (or higher)...Central Bank highly recommends all of our customers have up-to-date Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware installed on the computers used to access our Online Banking services. An e-mail address is also required to use Alerts and Reminders.
Bill Pay

Manage your finances. Pay your bill in minutes. Online…anytime…with Central Bank's Online Bill Pay Service.

What Can Bill Pay Do For You? Bill Pay will save you time and money every month! It is an additional service available to Central Bank Online Banking customers. With Bill Pay, you can pay anyone in the United State that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit.

Click here to learn more about Online Bill Pay!

Cash Management
For business customers who need more advanced services, Cash Management can provide a great solution. Cash Management can include ACH (Automated Clearing Warehouse), Wire Transfer and money ordering tools, to name a few.

If you are a business or organization who needs more control than our standard Internet Banking services can provide, please give us a call to see how we can meet your needs.
Online Banking Security
Central Bank's Online Banking service is hosted on a 1024bit (or greater) encrypted website and uses some of the best dual-authentication techniques available. We are constantly striving to provide great service to our customers but we never compromise on security. If you have any questions about the security of our services, please feel free to contact us.
Common Problems and Solutions
  • Once a customer has tried to login three times unsuccessfully, they will be locked out of Online Banking, and will need to contact the Bank to have their login attempts and/or password reset.
  • If a customer using RSA Online Security (dual authentication) incorrectly answers the Challenge Questions five times, their account will be locked out and they will need to contact the Bank to be reset.
  • The initial password is in all capital letters. Many customers unknowingly enter their chosen password with the "CAPS LOCK" key on. Customers who have logged on successfully once and cannot login again, may find this to be the cause.
  • Pop-up-blockers can interfere with viewing check images. Most pop-up-blockers are temporarily disabled by holding down the "CTRL" key on the keyboard while clicking on a link.
  • Our Online Banking site uses small files called "COOKIES" to function. Customers who see an error message relating to "session expired" while trying to login, should check their "COOKIE" browser settings. In Internet Explorer they can be found by going to "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Privacy" tab -> "Advanced" button -> check the "Always allow session cookies" option.
  • Clearing Temporary Internet files can resolve some error messages and incorrectly displayed pages. This option can be found under Tools -> Internet Options -> "Temporary Internet Files".
  • Spyware, Adware, Malware and other malicous software can cause many problems in both accessing Online Banking and protecting customers security. Having up-to-date Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software can greatly alleviate these problems.
Thank you for choosing Central Bank!
1 Online Banking is free to use but other options such as Cash Management and Bill Pay may have charges associated with them.
2 Bill Payments can be sent to anyone with a valid postal address within the Continental United States.


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